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= Awareness + Cunning + Status + Bonuses


= 3 x Will


  1. Type
  2. Scene
  3. Objective
  4. Disposition
  5. Initiative
  6. Technique
  7. Roleplaying
  8. Actions and Tests
  9. Repeat
  10. Resolution

1) Type page 140

Type Description
Simple A single test, two participants, short-term consequences
Standard Several tests, two or more participants, long-term consequences
Complex Many tests, many participants, takes place over several Standard Intrigues, far-reaching consequences

2) Scene page 142

The GM sets the scene:

  • Location
  • Participants

3) Objective page 142

Set the objective of the intrigue. Common goals are:

  • Friendship
  • Information
  • Service
  • Decit

4) Disposition page 143

Each participant's outlook on the others in the intrigue.

Name DR Deception Mod Persuation Mod
Affectionate 1 -2 +5
Friendly 2 -1 +3
Amiable 3 0 +1
Indifferent 4 0 0
Dislike 5 +1 -2
Unfriendly 6 +2 -4
Malicious 7 +3 -6

5) Initiative page 146

Each participant rolls a Status test with bonus Reputation. This is the order of initiative unless someone has Eloquent.

6) Technique page 146

Select a technique to use in the Intrigue. You may use either Persuation or Deception for the following techniques so long as it makes sense.

Name Influence Persuation Spec. Deception Spec.
Bargain Cunning Bargain Bluff
Charm Persuation Charm Act
Convince Will Convince Act
Incite Cunning Incite Bluff
Intimidate Will Intimidate Act or Bluff
Seduce Persuation Seduce Bluff
Taunt Awareness Taunt Bluff

7) Rollplay page 148


8) Action and Tests page 149


Name Action
Assist Support another character by beating a Challenging(9) Persuation test and give your target half your Persuation rank (round down) to their next test as a static modifier.
Consider Pass on your action. You gain 2 bonus dice on any 1 dice you take next. These bonus dice cannot exceed the rank of the ability you'll use. Excess bonus dice are lost after that single roll.
Fast Talk Many a Persutation test against the target's passive Will result. If you achieve at least 2 degrees, the target loses his Cunning rank from his Intrigue Defense until the end of the next exchange.
Influence Roll a Deception or Persuation test with bonus dice from your technique. If successful, you influence them by the amount from your technique * degrees of success. You reduce all Influence by the target's Disposition Rating. Remaining Influence applies to their Composure.
Manipulate Goad the target into using a specific technique of your choosing with a successful Persutation vs passive Will test.
Mollify Roll a Persutation test vs Formidable(12) taking into account Disposition to restore Compure equal to your Persuation rank plus 1 per degree to the target.
Quit Abandon thread.
Read Target Make an Awareness test against the target's passive Deception result. If you equal or beat it, you learn the target's current dispositon and the technique being used. You gain 1 standard dice on all Persuation and Deception tests for the duration of the Intrigue.
Shield of Reputation Use your Status to influence the target. Roll a Status vs base Will test. If you equal or beat it, the target's disposition automatically improves by one step. Can only be used once per intrigue.
Switch to Combat To arms!
Withdraw Roll a Will test with bonus from Dedication. This result replaces your Intrigue Defense until the end of the next exchange.

9) Repeat

Go to step 2.

10) Resolution

Someone is screwed.